CertiK and Wault Finance Partnership

CertiK is proud to announce the onboarding of our newest Shield Member — Wault.Finance. As we have our own BEP20 token, we are always excited to onboard BSC projects. Wault will be receiving a CertiK audit as well as a CertiKShield pool for their token. This multi layered effort demonstrates commitment to security from the Wault team. Wault is jam packed full of favorite DeFi features including yield farming, an AMM DEX, a lending protocol, yield optimization and more!

With this comprehensive offering and a strong commitment to security, we are excited to equip Wault Finance with best-in-class protection!

Crepy — Lead Developer & CEO Wault.Finance said:

“Wault is excited with this endeavor — together with Certik, They are leading the industry in security for blockchains as we are committed to securing our users”

Aaron Leibowitz — Product Manager for CertiK said:

“We’re thrilled to announce our work with Wault, they are innovators in the BSC community. The Wault teams commitment to security is exciting for the future of their project.”

Provable Trust For All

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